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The essence of what I do as a linguist with more than 20 years of experience is to offer top-notch translation services. My focus is on delivering a high quality service which meets your individual requirements.

General translation

I offer excellent translations of all types of documents: from an email from/to a client or a bank statement to a dissertation or a document about college rules and policies. This is by no means an exhaustive list. My work is diverse, and I never know what to expect from it. It could be a poem, a love letter or a recipe from your grandmother!

Legal translation

Legal translation means translating any files or paperwork for use in the legal system.Some of the most common items translated are birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, immigration paperwork and contracts. Naturally, this is not a complete list. I can handle anything that refers to the law or involves legal terminology.

Certified translations

Certified translations are required at times. For instance, if the document is intended to assist an immigration application or be used in court. In other cases, a certified translation guarantees that your document has the highest level of trustworthiness. The certification procedure ensures that the translation was handled by a qualified professional, providing peace of mind to all parties engaged in the business.

My fields of TRANSLATION & MORE expertise


Clients trust me to provide precise localization services that are also sensitive to cultural differences. I have the local language and cultural knowledge necessary to guide you clear of any potential blunders or misunderstandings.For British English, turning z’s to s’s is an example of localization.


Transcreation is the process of creatively adapting your advertising so that its message resonates in other languages and cultures. It is basically when translation meets creative writing. With my transcreation, your adaptations will capture the imagination of your audiences worldwide.


There may be times when you need to have a written record of what has been spoken. For example, you might require a transcription of a business meeting, a speech, a presentation, a conference etc. I can offer different forms of transcription to suit your requirements. These include summaries, executive summaries as well as full transcripts.


From personal to business meetings, it is essential to understand which type of interpreter you require. I can advise and guide you through the options to best meet your interpreting requirements. These options include consecutive interpreting, ad hoc interpreting and telephone interpreting. For other types of interpreting I can refer you to some of my colleagues.


Very often translations need to be read through by a second translator to ensure that everything is accurate, i.e. printing errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation marks and grammar errors. By only working into her mother tongue, I can guarantee translations with a terminology that is accurate, up to date and correct in context. Depending on the quality of the original translation, this is a quick process to eliminate errors and inconsistencies. I can work with all electronic document formats as well as paper-based texts.


This service is generally chosen by clients when they just want to get the gist of a document but do not need it translated word for word. I can summarise the key points of a text, reproducing the main information in a fixed amount of words. When you are short of time and need to understand the basics quickly, the abstracting service is the best option for you.

Accompanied Guides

The accompanied guide service essentially involves a fully qualified language professional acting as a language guide. This service is used mainly for translation purposes, in different personal or business situations. For example, a language guide might accompany clients to business meetings, luncheons or dinners and might also provide help with understanding business documents and contracts.


I can match the type of voice to suit your needs so that, for the most part, the recording remains true to the original in terms of tonality and ensures a sympathetic rendering of the source material.

Subtitling and dubbing

I use the latest software to ensure a high quality end product. I use her expertise to produce subtitles that allow you to capture, as far as possible, the mood of the original audiovisual source.


I use attitude and cultural transformation to improve performance, save money, and make the world a better place. Markets are contracting as a result of Brexit, competition, or unforeseen events like a pandemic, and your company’s horizons must be broadened.

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